Why Is Land In Costilla County, Colorado So Cheap?

Land in Costilla County, Colorado has long been known for its low prices. But why is this the case? One of the main reasons that land in Costilla County is so affordable lies in its geography – situated in a remote location on the edge of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, it’s far from any major cities or economic hubs. 

The lack of development and infrastructure also contributes to the county’s affordability. While much of this region grew rapidly over time due to increased mining activity, agriculture, and other industries, Costilla County remained largely undeveloped until recently because of its remoteness and lack of access to transportation networks.

Historical Context

Costilla County, Colorado is located in the San Luis Valley and has a long history of Spanish land grants. In 1851, New Mexico governor Manuel Armijo granted thousands of acres to Mexican settlers in this region. The grants included grazing rights for livestock, which allowed those settlers to establish large farming operations. This influx of people established the community that would become Costilla County.

During the American Civil War of 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued an executive order allowing homesteading claims in western Colorado’s public lands. These laws provided families with access to free land by filing claims and living on them for at least five years. With these new opportunities available to them, many Hispanic settlers moved into Costilla County from other parts of Colorado or from New Mexico. 

This led to an increase in the county’s population over several decades. Today, there are still a significant number of Hispanic residents inhabiting Costilla County. Many have maintained ties to their ancestors’ old homesteads and farms as well as preserving traditions passed down from generation to generation; all contributing factors that influence why land remains affordable in this area compared to other places across the state.

Geography And Climate

Costilla County is located in the high-altitude mountainous region of southern Colorado. Its semi-arid climate means that the land receives little moisture, making it difficult to sustain crops and other vegetation. This arid environment makes land in Costilla County an ideal location for low-cost land purchases due to its natural limitations.

The county sits at 8,000 feet above sea level amongst the Rocky Mountains, which also provide a unique terrain for outdoor recreation. The average daily temperatures range from 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months with highs reaching up to 80 degrees in summertime. Rainfall amounts are generally less than 10 inches per year while snowfall averages around 30 inches annually.

The combination of a unique geographical setting within the Southern Rockies along with a challenging climatic environment make this area of Colorado an attractive option for those looking to purchase inexpensive real estate.

Economic Factors of Land in Costilla County

Land in Costilla County’s low prices can be attributed to the county’s lack of economic development and low property tax rate. The average value of owner-occupied housing units in Costilla County was just over $100,000 in 2019 – significantly lower than the state average of $300,000. There are few large employers in the area that would drive up wages and demand for more expensive homes.

The low cost of housing also has an effect on land prices throughout Costilla County. As buyers looking to purchase affordable housing and invest their money elsewhere, they often pass over local real estate opportunities due to their limited return on investment. With fewer people buying land in the area, developers have not seen the need to increase costs as supply exceeds demand.

These factors all contribute to creating an environment where land is inexpensive compared to other parts of Colorado or even neighboring states like New Mexico and Arizona. While this makes it difficult for those looking to enter into residential real estate markets across the country, it does provide some relief from high housing costs in other regions by making available relatively cheap purchases of land in Costilla County.

Tax And Regulatory Environment

The economic factors that contribute to the land being relatively inexpensive in Costilla County, Colorado, are just the tip of the iceberg. To gain a better understanding of why this region is so affordable for potential buyers and developers, it’s important to consider the tax and regulatory environment as well.

Costilla County has some of the lowest property taxes in all of Colorado. According to data, residential properties pay an average rate of 6.765% per year on their assessed value. That makes the land in Costilla one of the most attractive areas for those looking for low-cost real estate opportunities.

There are no local regulations or ordinances that limit development or construction in any way. This means that anyone can purchase land here without worrying about too many restrictions or hoops they have to jump through before starting a project. These two elements – low taxes and minimal bureaucracy – help create an incredibly favorable landscape when it comes to finding affordable land in Costilla County. 

With such incentives available, buying property in this area provides an opportunity for tremendous savings compared with other parts of Colorado and beyond. It’s clear that these financial benefits play a major role in attracting potential buyers and developers alike.

Real Estate Market Trends

Real Estate Brokers having convo about Land in Costilla County

Lands in Costilla County, Colorado is popular for its affordable real estate prices in the entire state. With market trends being constantly monitored and analyzed, it’s not hard to understand why this region is becoming a popular destination for people who are looking to purchase a home or invest in property.

The primary reason for Land in Costilla County’s low-priced real estate can be attributed to three main factors:

  • Economic conditions: The county’s economy is largely based on ranching and farming industries, which have seen a slow but steady decrease over the years. This means fewer jobs are available and less money coming into the area, resulting in decreased demand for housing.
  • Location: The remote mountain location makes it difficult to access amenities such as shopping centers and grocery stores, so prices tend to remain relatively low compared to more populated areas nearby.
  • Pricing Trends: As demand decreases, pricing trends also follow suit; meaning buyers may find better deals than they would elsewhere in Colorado due to lower competition levels.

In terms of real estate market trends in Costilla County, there still remain many opportunities for those who want to buy at an affordable cost while taking advantage of all that the mountainous landscape offers. Although economic conditions continue to present challenges, careful planning and research allow potential buyers to capitalize on favorable pricing opportunities that other parts of Colorado don’t offer – making Land in Costilla County an attractive option for those seeking good value when purchasing a home or investing in property.


Land in Costilla County, Colorado, is known for its stunning natural beauty and affordable land prices. Despite being one of the least populated counties in the state, it offers ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and a peaceful, rural lifestyle.

There are several factors that influence the low cost of land in Costilla County, including its remote location and limited access to amenities, this presents an incredible opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate. With the current trend encouraging remote work and increased interest in rural living, now is the perfect time to explore the potential of this area.

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