The Right Way To Get A Real Estate License In Colorado

Colorado is the ideal spot to start if you’re thinking about getting a career in real estate. There is no better way to get your foot in the door than having a real estate license in Colorado because of its thriving market and different areas. I’ll explain to you how to become a real estate agent in this article.

With over a decade of helping people acquire licenses, I can assure you that if you put in the effort and take the suggestions I’ve provided below, you’ll be well on your way to success! Let’s get right to what you must do to ensure a trouble-free receipt of your Colorado real estate license.

Eligibility Requirements

If you’re looking to get a real estate license in Colorado, you need to know the eligibility requirements. You need to get ready for the following:

real estate license
  • Securing a high school diploma or equivalent and being at least eighteen years old are the first requirements for applicants.  for criminal background check purposes and successfully complete an approved pre-licensing course. 
  • It’s significant to remember that only citizens of Colorado are eligible to apply for a state real estate license.
  • You must pass both parts of the licensing examination with a score of 70% or higher in order to be eligible for a Colorado real estate license. This includes passing the national portion as well as the Colorado-specific portion of the test. 
  • You must provide proof of completing an approved 60-hour broker-level pre-license classroom course prior to taking the exam.

When these requirements are met, you can proceed with submitting an application to the Division of Real Estate (DORA) for your Colorado real estate license.

Exam Preparation

Preparing for the real estate exam in Colorado is an important step toward achieving your license. Studying, taking practice exams, and other forms of preparation are the greatest ways to ensure success on the examination. It’s critical that license applicants have a thorough understanding of all relevant topics from the state-mandated pre-licensing coursework.

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  1. Start by researching study materials available through various sources such as bookstores, libraries, or online retailers. 
  1. Consider purchasing additional resources specifically designed for those preparing for their Colorado Real Estate License Exam. These materials can help you prepare by focusing on the necessary subject matter related to passing the test.
  1. Take advantage of mock exams and practice tests which allow you to assess areas requiring more attention before sitting for the official exam. 
  1. Reviewing sample questions also offers valuable insight into what type of material could appear on the actual test day. Getting familiar with how questions are structured will provide further confidence when it comes time to take the examination. 

With proper license study and dedication, potential real estate agents should be well-prepared when they take their Colorado licensing exam.

Pre-Licensing Coursework

Those looking to become licensed in the state must meet these requirements and demonstrate their knowledge of Colorado real estate laws and principles by taking approved classes from an accredited school or institution. Once completed, prospective agents can then move on to the application process.

commercial real estate license colorado
  1. To be eligible for licensure, all applicants must complete at least 90 hours of classroom instruction that covers mandatory topics like contracts and agreements; finance; property ownership; transfer of title; appraisal fundamentals and terms; disclosure rules; fair housing practices; licensing regulations, and more. 
  1. These courses can be taken online or through traditional classrooms depending on the provider’s offerings. Colorado also mandates additional post-licensing education requirements beyond those associated with acquiring a license. This includes 45 hours over two years which is divided into three 15-hour segments covering various aspects of the business like legal updates, special interest topics, land use regulations, and other relevant areas of expertise.

With a thorough understanding of these Colorado license requirements, you are well prepared to take advantage of this great opportunity in the real estate industry. Moving ahead with the application process will put them one step closer to becoming a successful agent in Colorado’s competitive real estate market.

Application Process

In Colorado, the procedure for submitting an application for a real estate license is simple. I’ve made a short list of the steps you need to follow:

real estate license
  1. The state’s Real Estate Commission will ask you to first obtain the relevant paperwork, so do that first. You’ll also need to satisfy the licensing requirements outlined by the commission. 
  1. The next step is submitting your real estate license application along with all of its accompanying documentation, fees, and fingerprints.
  1. The application packet will be examined by commission staff members when you have successfully submitted one that fulfills all of the requirements outlined by the Real Estate Commission. 
  1. Depending on their current workload, this evaluation could take up to 90 days or longer, so make sure you provide enough time. 

After your application has been processed, you might be approved for licensure or you might be asked for more details before approval is given.

Continuing Education Requirements

Once a Colorado real estate license has been issued, the licensee must remain current with their continuing education in order to renew said license. The Division of Real Estate (DRE) requires that all real estate agents complete 24 total hours of approved continuing education prior to renewal. Of those 24 hours, 18 must be devoted to core subjects and 6 can focus on elective topics such as ethics or fair housing. 

Licensees are required to take a three-hour course about contract law every four years for renewal purposes. The DRE also offers an online system that allows courses to be taken from home and reported directly back to the division without having to wait for certificates or other paperwork. It is now much simpler for license holders to monitor their progress and make sure they are current with their obligations before submitting renewal applications.

Finally, a licensee will not be able to renew their license until all required credits have been earned if they do not fulfill the minimal criteria for Colorado continuing education credit by the license’s expiration date. Licensees should plan ahead and allow plenty of time before their deadline so that they do not run into any problems when attempting to fulfill these renewal requirements.


In Colorado, obtaining a real estate license is a difficult procedure that demands commitment, hard work, and perseverance. But anyone may achieve their goal of becoming a certified real estate agent in this state with the appropriate strategy and frame of mind.

From completing the pre-licensing education to passing the state and national exams, there are several steps involved in getting a Colorado real estate license. It’s also essential to stay updated with the state’s regulations and requirements to maintain your license.

If you’re setting your eyes to start a career in real estate in Colorado, we encourage you to take the first step by enrolling in a reputable pre-licensing course and preparing for the exams. Once you’ve earned your license, you’ll have access to a wide range of opportunities in the thriving Colorado real estate market.
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