Spring Time Is Weed Time

weed management

The State of Colorado mandates that each county maintain control of noxious weeds within the county’s boundaries. See C.R.S. §35-5.5-101 et seq.  Here are three tips regarding weed management. 

1 – Identify the noxious weeds on your property.  

Contact your county weed management department. Many counties provide a Weed Management Guide to help identify weeds on your property. The guide typically provides pictures and recommendations for weed mitigation.  

2 – Develop a weed management plan.

Once you have identified the weeds on your property, you can develop a plan of attack. Certain weeds respond better to chemical spraying, while others may need a mechanical removal process. If you decide to spray with chemicals, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for applications. Be mindful of your neighbors’ animals and crops, including bees, so you do not harm them. 

3 – Stop the spread of weeds.

If you are in agriculture, make sure that you use weed-free hay or feed for your animals. If you are a homeowner, use non-invasive species for landscaping. 

If you have questions, contact your county weed board or check with 3D Real Estate, and we can direct you to resources where your property is located. 

Check back for our Weed of Month postings that will be on 3D Real Estate’s website. Cynthia Daughtrey, 3D Real Estate, Phone: 303-548-9659 or email Cynthia@3DRealestate.co.