Three Tips for Getting your Land Ready to Sell in Spring

land ready to sell

Are you thinking about selling your land this spring? If so, these three tips will help you prepare your land ready to sell.

1 – Pictures and Videos

Springtime is a great time to showcase the beauty of your land. The fresh green and wildflowers will highlight what a potential buyer can look forward to in the coming years after they purchase their property.  If you are thinking about selling next year, start thinking about the landscaping and what can be done to improve the property for late season pictures.

2 – Spring Is Time for Spring Cleanup

Now is the time to spray for weeds and get rid of the noxious weeds. Check with your local weed program to see what can be done. Do you have outside storage of junk? Get rid of it. You have a valuable piece of property, and the junk detracts from its value. How are your fences? Did they get damaged by the snow this year and need to be repaired? If so, then it might be the ideal time to get them fixed.

3 – Check the Comps in the Area

What is similar land selling for in the area? When the property is placed on the market, you want to make sure we have the right price set for it.

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